Dive Deeper into Ken's Message "Path to Peace"

  1. How does Paul describe God’s peace in Philippians 4:7? Why is this description significant?


  1. What are the four reasons Jesus gives for why we shouldn’t worry, according to the sermon?


  1. How does worry affect our physical and mental health, based on the Proverbs quoted?


  1. In what ways is worry “unnatural,” according to Jesus’ teachings in Matthew 6?


  1. How does the sermon explain that worry is “unhelpful”? Can you think of personal examples that support this?


  1. What does Matthew 6:30 teach us about God’s care for us?


  1. How does the sermon suggest we combat worry as a spiritual issue?


  1. What does Romans 8:32 imply about God’s willingness to help us with our needs?


  1. How does the sermon advise us to pray? What does Jesus say about prayer in relation to worry?


  1. Why does Ken say that worrying after praying is “practical atheism”?


  1. How does James 4:2 relate to the sermon’s message about prayer?


  1. What are some practical ways you can implement the two main steps (refusing to worry and talking to God) in your daily life?


Deep Dive into Path to Peace (pdf)