What is Awaken?

Awaken is a movement of prayer and fasting focused on unifying the church to strategically pray for and bless Wichita Falls, one person at a time.

When is Awaken?

Awaken begins Thursday, February 1st and continues through Wednesday, February 21, 2024.

Where is Awaken?

Wherever you are. This isn’t a big event; rather it is mobilizing the church to pray for and bless our city.

How Can I Participate in Awaken?

Pick up a book at Awaken Central in the Atrium. This book will guide you through choosing your fast and through the 21 days of prayer and devotion. A $5 donation per book is requested but not required.

What are My Next Steps?

Before February 1st:

  • Choose how you will fast. Visit Fast or read pages 7-10 in your Awaken book.
  • Complete your prayer circle: Choose eight people you want to help find their way back to God and write their names in the circles on the back of the book.


February 1st-February 21st

  • Fast and Pray! Read each day’s entry in your Awaken book and pray for your eight people.
  • BLESS the people you are praying for. Begin with prayer then look for ways to Listen with compassion, Eat together, Serve with love and Share your story.